December 8, 2021


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Africa: Ericsson Launches Program to Help Graduates Innovate and Work in Information Technology Centers

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Caroline Berns, ukuriye Ibikorwa byo gutahura impano muri Ericsson mu Burasirazuba bwo hagati na Afurika

  • It is a program to train principals and graduates to innovate with the help of the latest technology in the world. University graduates will be helped to work with those who have major projects in Technology.
  • University graduates will be helped to work with those who have major projects in Technology.
  • The fact that there is a COVID 19 pandemic does not interfere with this program because the training is provided with the help of Technology.
  • The program is targeted at some African countries as it is the beginning but in its second phase it will be added to other countries in Africa, according to Ericsson.

According to Ericsson, the program aims to enhance technical skills among graduates, train them in Ericsson technology and understand the use and benefit of the technology.

Ericsson is currently one of the world’s leading companies with significant technology and a wide range of services including telecommunications, education, science and other economic development.

In addition, the company says, bringing together graduates and working in a broader community of workers and employers in technology will help graduates gain knowledge from others and find solutions to innovate in technology.

This is also done to help Ericsson cope with future business where technology will continue to be at the forefront of business and service delivery.

Ericsson hopes that this Graduate Education Program will help them build local talent and put them on the African market and also help them grow through the ever-expanding business market.

“This will help us get the best talent and help the beneficiaries find jobs in the near future,” said Caroline Berns, head of Ericsson’s talent development efforts in East and Central Africa.

He added: “The Fresh Graduate Program in Africa is designed to empower graduates in the right time – to increase the knowledge gained while they are still on the school bench in order to bring about a positive change in the business and service market in Africa ”

Caroline said the program is aimed at attracting and giving ideas to technology including technology, innovation and giving graduates the opportunity to invest in the latest technology in the world.

The program will also help Ericsson reduce inequalities in the use of technology; lo and behold, half of the graduates will be women.

This is in line with Ericsson’s other initiatives including other projects aimed at empowering women in Science (STEM) including Science, Technology, Construction and Statistics) and harmonizing ways to increase knowledge in children, especially girls.

Caroline says: “Our young graduates are curious and innovative. It is smart to be used in the industry and has projects that can bring about change in the world, especially in telecommunications, so that the future of telecommunications in Africa can be better, ”he said.

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