December 7, 2021


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Opportunities for Africans using Ericsson-distributed technology

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While there is a change in the use of technology around the world and in Africa in general, Nora Wahby, Vice President and Head of the Ericsson Department in West Africa and Morocco, says it is about her 20 years of experience in technology is going to do its utmost to ensure that technology is up-to-date and useful to Africans at various levels.

Nora Wahby, who was recently appointed to lead Ericsson-West Africa and Morocco, said: “I am very happy to be on a journey of technology development with Ericsson. This continues to enable me to share with others my knowledge of technology and how it can accelerate the social and economic development of the African people. ”

Nora Wahby says that as the director of business operations, her personal goals are in line with Ericsson’s vision of accelerating the expansion of Africa’s broadband network.

“Ericsson’s vision is to connect people through modern communication, which is what people need most,” he said. We hope that the people of rural Africa will benefit greatly from mobile phone communication, which will greatly increase access to information and services that help in various sectors including health, education and small business. ”

He hopes that the African continent will continue to win countless opportunities built on a rich heritage, great culture and a community with many dreams for the future.

“Based on the desire to better understand the needs of mobile phone users in Africa and provide them with unique services, I have decided to move towards Africa empowering through technology, innovation and other technology services,” he said.

Connecting Africa

Nora Wahby says working in a broader and more competitive marketplace over the past decade, Africa’s telecommunications service providers have a greater role to play in helping governments and cities better understand the practical steps they can take to make Africa economically viable. the world through supporting and promoting the use of ICT.

“One example is revenue generation through the use of modern technology as an important factor in boosting Africa’s economic development. Financial services have become an important part of life, changing lives between men and women, providing reliable and secure financial services but more energy is needed. ”

Economic Acceleration After COVID 19

In the face of unprecedented problems such as the COVID-19 epidemic, the value of stable and mobile networks as the backbone of our society is more pronounced than ever before.

“Given the speed and capacity of mobile networks like LTE, there are opportunities for service providers in Africa as they will be able to use broadband in homes and small and medium enterprises and thus boost the economy,” he said.

Nora Wahby said: “I am sure that the mobile phone network will play a key role in providing a stable platform for innovation and economic growth on the African continent.

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