December 8, 2021


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380 hectares of forests are cut down for charcoal used in Kigali City each week

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The issue of deforestation in Rwanda is seen as a major obstacle to the Green Rwanda initiative.

The main reason for this problem is mainly due to the fact that so far about 78% of the population uses firewood for cooking in Rwanda.

Currently more than 380 hectares of forests are being cut off every week to find out charcoal to be used in the city, according to Mugabo Jean Pierre, the Director of Rwanda Forestry Authority.

“In Kigali alone, about 380 hectares are needed in one week. What is most important is that Rwandans change their mindset and start using Gas instead of wood. ”

In addressing this issue, the Minister of Environment of Rwanda, Dr. Mujawamariya Jeanne d’Arc says there is a study on how every Rwandan can get involved through various programs including making it easier for the public to get cooking gas.

In addition, various public, private and non-governmental organizations are now going to be given different areas to plant trees and take care of them as soon as they grow they will hand over them to the government.

Minister Mujawamariya said, “Rwandans should not live in the desert. That is why we have decided to approach public and private institutions and agree that we are going to give them a place to plant forests. We are happy they have welcome this initiative. It is everyone’s responsibility because if we have good air from the forests it will not be breathed by public or private sector. ”

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