December 8, 2021


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Congo: Crystal Ventures announces investments in Maloukou industrial zone

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The officials of the Rwandan company Crystal Ventures unveiled on October 1, 2021 in Brazzaville on the sidelines of a visit as part of south-south cooperation, their plan to invest in the Maloukou industrial and commercial zone located at 70 kilometers from the Congolese capital.

“We came not only to visit the site, but also providing the support. Once the agreement is signed, we will invest in the first phase with around $ 100 million to secure the site, rehabilitate it and finalize various works including electricity, water, etc. We will also make more than $ 100 million in funding for the creation of a dry port, the construction of the city and a training center, ”said Crystal Ventures Executive Chairman, Jack Kayonga.

“Through this initiative, we are directly entering a fairly concrete phase of foreign investment. This is an orientation that falls within the framework of the five-year term that we are beginning”, said the Congolese Minister of International Cooperation and the Promotion of Public-Private Partnership, Denis Christel Sassou Nguesso.

Crystal Ventures, was created in 1995, under the name Tri-Star Investments, before being rebranded in 2009.

The company was founded to meet challenges of economic recovery and take advantage of growth opportunities in a virgin environment. The founders were among the pioneers of Rwanda’s private sector and took on the task of jump-starting the heavily dilapidated private enterprise.

Having made a few good investments, the company earned decent returns that were reinvested to create what is now the biggest investment company in the country. It has an estimated capital of 500 million USD thanks to its participations in the main sectors of activity, from the food industry to security, including telecoms, financial services and construction.

src: FinancialAfrik

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