December 7, 2021


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Here are the best age for a boy or a girl to start a family

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With regard to marriage and age, there are two important principles for men and women.

Men are often told to wait for marriage until they feel ready – until they are older, economically secure, established in their careers and feel that Life is easier for them themselves.

“My own husband was advised by both his parents not to rush into marriage until he was 35 years old.”The researcher wrote. He followed their advice and even married at the age of 40. He later rejoiced in his decision.

Experts say this gives men more time to discern and find the right partner. But women do not always have the opportunity to be as discerning as their male counterparts.

Watching movies and conversations with other ladies who were married before they were young and the love of watching movies including girls and boys makes them feel like something is pushing them to have the same love they see in movies.

In fact, when a girl reaches the age of 20, she no longer has the patience to do so, and when she reaches the age of 30, she immediately feels that the chances of marriage are gone.

Everybody holds his/her future in the hands

“I met a man thousands of miles from home, we met on a boat in the Pacific Ocean and another day on a business trip to the Galapagos Islands,” the author of the article reads.

“Three months later he proposed me to marry him because he loved me and I thought I was grown up, and we got married at the age of 35,” she says.

This is what i have learnt, those who are married after the age of 35 are more likely to have a better home than married women in their 20s. Everyone wants to be happy every day. ”

How can a child marry anothe child?

The author continues: “Most of my personal friends are married at the age of 28. In less than a decade, half of them are divorced. Family psychologists believe that the wisdom of leading and having a good home depends on the age. ”

“I was afraid to break up with my assistant,” said one of the women. I have been waiting for a long time to get a good start. In fact, I was so scared that I spent the first year of my wedding asking for advice from all over the world to find out how our home was being destroyed. After consulting hundreds of women across five continents in 20 countries on how to set up and maintain an exciting partnership, one of the “secrets” I learned is this: Wait.

Adult couples are committed to being slaves to their home

Studies have shown that married couples over the age of 35 or over from Israel, France, India, Qatar, Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, Mexico, Chile and beyond have had a good marriage because they have found time to take care of themselves so that no one regrets

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