December 8, 2021


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ERICSSON Rwanda is committed to helping Rwandans access modern technology

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Umuyobozi wa Ericsson mu Rwanda, Jacques Kabandana

Ericsson’s CEO in Rwanda, Jacques Kabandana, said that Ericsson is committed to helping Rwandans gain a broad range of knowledge in Science, Mathematics, Technology and Engineering (STEM) through a variety of activities including training in various fields.

He reiterated this in an interview with KT PRESS where he said that there is a real need for training and capacity building in Rwanda, especially in STEM.

“We are all aware of the challenges facing Rwanda in terms of capacity building at various levels including STEM. It is at this time that this level is also part of the National Employment Development Program in Rwanda (NEP) and we are working to address it,” he said. issues that could hinder that process. “

“Since Ericsson opened its branch in Rwanda in 2009, it has focused on empowering Rwandans and finding talented and talented Rwandans in STEM.

He stressed that some of the key principles, Ericsson wants to work with Rwandans themselves to promote the use of technology and have a positive impact in the long run.

“Initially, we focused on research and innovation to find a lasting solution to connecting global networks to the benefit of technology,” he said.

“The pace is going on, and it’s increasing day by day,” Kabandana said.

With strong investment in 4G and 5G internet and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Ericsson coming to the forefront of bringing about change in the use of technology in economic development.

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