December 7, 2021


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Apostle Dr Gitwaza on COVID-19 vaccine and ANTI-CHRIST

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Around the world, information about the vaccine is prevalent, with many agreeing that whoever is vaccinated will be monitored so that wherever they go and what they do, they will be accessed.

Christians from various religions add to the problem use some biblical references where they say that this vaccine may be the official beginning of the ANTI-CHRIST operations.

Zion Temple Celebration Center Church Leader and Chief Spokesperson for Authentic Word Ministries, Apostle Dr. Paul Gitwaza, explained a lot about the ongoing COVID-19 vaccine, which is based on a variety of information based on each person’s perceptions and beliefs.

As he began teaching at Sunday services on December 20-2020 in Dallas, USA, Gitwaza returned to the news of the vaccine where he informed the participants and his followers that they should have no worries about this vaccine because it has nothing to do with ANTI-CHRIST.

“The vaccine issue is a matter of concern to us. People say so much that it contains something of the ANTI-CHRIST. The only thing I can tell you is, there is nothing anti-CHRIST in the vaccine, don’t be afraid of nothing.”

The leader went on to explain that the moment of micro chip will come after the church will have been uplifted to heaven but he went on explaining that this is a preparation that leads to what people think leads to that ANTI-CHRIST.

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