December 7, 2021


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High-level Norwegian delegation to promote Energy Security and Transition at African Energy Week

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JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA, 10/12/2021 — The African Energy Chamber ( is pleased to announce that a high-level Norwegian delegation will visit the African Energy Week, which will take place in Cape Town from November 9 to 12, 2021. Norway plays an important role in the global energy sector as one of the world’s top energy exporters and a leader in renewable energy generation. Norway is a perfect example of successful diversification of a country’s energy mix, with a broad energy mix from conventional energy sources as well as a strong footprint in renewable energy such as hydropower.

The Norwegian delegation’s attendance at the African Energy Week is planned to build a long-term link between African investment opportunities and Norwegian investors, in addition to encouraging a discourse about renewable energy projects. In Cape Town, a group from Earth Wind and Power, Valinor, PetroNor, and other Norwegian stakeholders will explain how Norway and Africa can work together.

“We believe that digitalization will play a critical role in Africa’s continuing energy transition. Mrs. Ingvil Smines Tybing-Gjedde, co-founder of Earth Wind and Power and former Minister of Justice and Public Security of Norway, states, “We look forward to entering African markets and finalizing opportunities with high-level African delegations during the African Energy Week.” By placing modular data center units at power production facilities, Earth Wind & Power gives energy businesses an ESG solution for utilizing and repurposing flared gas and excess energy sources. During their visit to African Energy Week, Earth Wind and Power is scheduled to sign a number of Letters of Intent.

African Energy Week (AEW) 2021 in Cape Town will be the venue where transactions about Africa’s energy future will be made, with a heavy focus on African finance mechanisms that benefit both the oil and gas business as well as the energy transition. In the energy sector, the Norwegian delegation is committed to increasing investment in Africa, fostering partnerships, regional coordination, and multilateral funding arrangements.

“One of the most pressing issues of our day is energy transition. One of Valinor’s main goals is to reduce energy poverty by providing clean and reliable energy access in underdeveloped countries, notably in Africa. Our investments create long-term African enterprises in these disciplines, and we anticipate to have a significant influence on our African stakeholders,” said Lars Helge Helvig, Valinor’s Chairman.

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