December 8, 2021


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Guides week preparing Baden Powell’s Day in Rwanda dedicated to peace, fraternity and prevention of COVID 19

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The Rwanda Guides Association, on Monday, February 15, launched a week dedicated to peace with the theme “Promote a culture of peace, protect ourselves and others covid-19”

This week will end on February 22, 2021 with the commemoration of the anniversary of the birth of Baden Powell and Olave Powell, the wife of the founders of the Association of Guides.

The Day is celebrated on every February 22, especially in Rwanda, which is preceded by a Guides week marked by charity work in different parts of the country.

Rwanda’s Gaddafi executive secretary Umulisa Pascaline, in an interview with TOPAFRICANEWS, said that the guides around the world will be characterized by acts of love as they have been in the past but now there will be more ‘Campaigns in various places to sensitize people to prevent the spread of Coronavirus and even support one of the families affected by Covid-19 in collaboration with local authorities.

“Usually the Guides community around the world celebrates Memorial Day every year on February 22. It’s a big celebration for the anniversary of Baden Powell and his wife Olave,” said Pascaline.

“In Rwanda, we have a speciality before that day, which is a week dedicated to these guides, which is a charity week, where members do charity work in their communities to help orphans, to help widows, to take care of patients at home,” she said. This year due to the effects of covid-19 not much will be done because it requires uniting people.

He added that although the world and Rwanda continue to face Covid-19, they will not stop acts of charity because it is their responsibility as members of the Guides community.

“We want to protect ourselves and others, we want the Guides to show acts of love because it is our responsibility here on earth when possible we will work with volunteers in the fight against COVID 19. We want Guides to assist in identifying families who have problems and report them to local authorities so that they can be supported.”

He concluded saying that although covid-19 is threatening some people these days, young girls are advised not to be exposed to dangerous behavior, saying, “Avoid temptations because Covid19 is an ongoing pandemic. Be patient and go through difficult life hoping that you will overcome.”

One of the Guides members, Uwingeneye Safa Claudia, says that although the Coronavirus has prevented people from gathering for charity activities, she will use social media to spread the message of peace and prevent the global pandemic.

Safa said, “As a girl, I am ready to help the needy in my capacity, and in the future I will work with some of the groups Guides in community. I will be posting messages on my social media platforms urging Rwandans to avoid and resolve conflicts and being the foundation of peace.”

The Rwanda Girls Guides Association is a group of young girls who strive to improve the education of from the age of 5. It was found in 1980 in Rwanda and initially in England since 1910 by Baden Powell. There are over 16 thousand Guides in Rwanda.

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