December 7, 2021


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Japanese and Rwandan Students Get in Touch for Better Learning

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On 14th October 2021 from 9:00am, the high school students of Touoh Gakkan Junior & High  School in Japan and at Umuco Mwiza School in Kigali will meet in a video call to share ideas on their  schools and differences in learning. This is an initiative that was initiated by NPO “Think About  Education in Rwanda” in collaboration with Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Rwanda  Office. It will also be a time to distribute stationaries sent from Touoh Gakkan Junior & High School  in Japan as gifts to fellow Rwandan students at Umuco Mwiza School in Kigali. 

Japanese high school students collected the stationaries from public, in order to support the  learning of students in developing countries. The students decided to send some of the material  collected after having the opportunity to talk with Ms. Marie Louise Towari, the founder of the above  NPO, who will be handing over the donation to Rwandan students. As students will be talking face to  face in a videoconference, simultaneously, officials will hand over the school stationaries for the  primary school students at Umuco Mwiza School in Kigali. 

“Think About Education in Rwanda” was founded in Fukushima-Japan in 2000 by Rwandese  lady who was committed to improve child education and health in Rwanda after the Genocide against  the Tutsi in 1994. The vision is contributing to peace and development of Rwanda through promotion  of child education and health, aiming (1) to achieve the good welfare of the population especially  schooling children, (2) to improve the quality of education in Rwanda, and (3) to innovate adapted  solutions to newly identified needs towards good education and health. 

These stationaries donated by Japanese high school students will be used by the students of  Umuco Mwiza School for academic purposes. In addition, JICA Rwanda Office has been sending  volunteers to help with the teaching and administration, a move which has been stopped by COVID 19 but is in the process of resumption.

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