December 8, 2021


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Kimironko: Up to 70 needy and disabled people to be helped out of begging

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“This is a project that we have worked on with the RGB and UNDP to raise awareness among beggars that they can also create self-employment and support their children’s education.”

Initially the project will last for a year starting with 70 beneficiaries including people with various disabilities that make begging and needy families begging too.

Albert Musabyimana, Executive Director of the Peace and Hope Initiative, says the project aims to restore the value of these communities through helping them, getting their children back to school and other planned activities.

“We think the main reason for this project is to look at these people who have girls. When they have children and they are helpless the result may include teenage pregnancies. The ones who are give birth may also become beggars because teen mothers are economically vulnerable.”

After the project was submitted to the RGB by UNDP, it was found that it had quality at the outset and was immediately launched into the Kimironko sector as a preliminary study had shown that there were a large number of people.

As part of the launch of the project, on Tuesday, October 13, 2020, the first workshop for the beneficiaries of the project was held at the Kimironko sector office in order to first prepare them and change their minds for the benefit of the people.

Musabyimana said: “We think that once we manage to help them change their mind, we will start preparing them for profitable projects as they are for the whole project.”

Kimironko Sector Social Affairs Officer, Jeanne d’Arc Uwamahoro says the project is coming to the forefront of Kimironko’s social programs.

He says the Peace and Hope Initiative has prepared well this project because if it had not been the case, it would not have been possible to implement it.

He said that at Sector level, they are also working with donors to speed up the implementation of their requirements to make the project a success.

“So it is not good for us to abandon the beneficiaries but to look at the plans they have submitted ; we have to make sure these plans are implemented properly.”

Some of the beneficiaries said that they are ready to follow the advice they will be given and to follow the requirements for their own development.

One of them said, “We really don’t go begging because we like it. Many of us are in economically vulnerable families. For example I have a mentally disabled child. I took him to the doctor several times but he never recovered. In addition to his mental illness, i have limited resources and getting ticket money to the doctor is also a problem. We want these donors to help us and enable us to be more productive so that we can address these issues. ”

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