December 8, 2021


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Ngororero: Parents urged not to discriminate against children by giving them access to literacy

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At the end of the month of reading in Ngororero District in Nyange sector at Nyange School, parents were reminded that all children with disabilities should be given equal access to education.

The theme was “All children with disabilities can read, so give everyone a fair chance of getting a place.”

The event was held on October 20, 2020 at the end of the month dedicated to reading in collaboration with the Association for the Protection of Children and Youth with Disabilities UWEZO, VSO, and Mureke Dusome in a program organized by the Ministry of Education to sensitize all parents to help children learn to read and write

Omar Bahati, Coordinator at UWEZO, the Rwanda Association for the Advancement of Children and Youth with Disabilities, said that children with disabilities need a lot of care including special care and protection because they are also capable.

“Children with disabilities need a lot of support because they are not included in different activities; they are often excluded from families,” he said.

“In partnership with Save the Children we have done something but each level and the parents are the ones who can make the children eligible and educated, and help them learn to read with the help of special books for each child with a disability,” he added.

Donathile Nyiransengimana, in charge of the Development Partners Forum within Ngororero District, said that the District has a program to take care of children in permanent education as there are some parents who feel that if a child has a disability they should remain him/her at home treating them as a disgrace in families.

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