December 8, 2021


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How DreamSave technology has changed the performance of savings and groups

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Members of the savings and loan groups working in the Free Methodist Church, Nzove Parish, say the use of technology has brought them benefits including improving their work and using less time compared to what they used to use in their daily workbooks.

It has been almost seven years since the Free Methodist Church in Rwanda, especially at the Kigali Conference, where Nzove Parish is located, a group of savings and loan groups has been established in partnership with the Christian Community, Hope International.

These initiated groups are built on three pillars that help members to make spiritual progress through the exchange of ideas on the word of God; to promote a better relationship by rewarding the parent for visiting the sick, rescuing the bereaved and so on.

The third pillar is the economy where one person’s money may not be enough and they accumulate in large numbers depending on each person’s ability to multiply and those who need a micro-loan find it easier compared to financial institutions where it requires a lot of things including and collateral.

In recent years they have been using notebooks with each member and have their own booklet with information about him.

In line with the global trend toward the use of technology, Group B on the Free Methodist Church, Nzove Parish has been given a Dreamsave phone application that uses handwriting replacements.

This was explained by Muvara Thomas, coordinator of the savings and loan groups based at the Free Methodist Church in Rwanda, when the management of Hope International visited the beneficiaries at Nzove Parish in Nyarugenge District.

“Dreamsave helps save over the phone. It makes it easier to work than before and makes more mistakes in what they write. The app colors the numbers so well that it reduces them so much that no one can steal someone else’s time to share their savings and benefits at the end of each year. ”

Used in a group phone used by its leaders to coordinate group activities. It started to be used last year, and it is currently being looked into how it will be used in other groups Hope International will work with as more than 250 of these former ones have already been deleted.

Akingeneye Jeannette, a representative of the group, who lives in Nzove Cell, Kanyinya Sector, said that initially using Dreamsave was a priority for them but as time went on they became accustomed to it and found it very useful.

“We start using Dreamsave and I was given it as a team leader. It was the first time I used a smartphone, it used to bother me but I got used to it. It is very useful for us because it makes it easier for us when we used to gather in groups where someone would give a hot head because of the calculation of the shares of each member, loans and so on using what I would call traditional. ”

This is also confirmed by Rimenyurifite Jean Bosco, an assistant to the savings groups working in the Free Methodist Church, Nzove Parish, which counts about 15 groups of 3271 members.

“Once we got used to this Dreamsave technology, this method helped us to a higher level, we took about three hours in a meeting but now it helps us work faster and the information is stored safely where we go to the end of the group meeting where each member is given a text message about what happened to him or her. . ”

Diane Uwamahoro, the director of Hope International at the national level, also testified that the use of Dreasave reduces errors in group documents and information cannot be lost.

“Group documents sometimes have errors due to the level of learning that their members have. This app is to help them reduce the mistakes they make and now the coffee is wasted, crushed, crushed, lost but even if the phone loses the information it is stored on internet, they would return in the morning when they got another phone. ”

“They used to work for two and a half hours but now 45 minutes the group meeting is over, they are safe, they are on loan, they are on their way home,” he added. They are wasting their time using it for other purposes. ”

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