December 8, 2021


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ProFuturo to reshape teaching using technology in Rwanda

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Buri mwana mu Ishuli aba afite Tablets irimo amasomo yose

The Bosnian Association of Don Bosco in the Great Lakes Region of Africa in collaboration with the Rwanda Education Board (REB) has already compiled a list of Primary Schools across the country that will start teaching students using ProFuturo technology.

ProFuturo is a technology program, through a new way of teaching that increases teachers’ skills with the help of technology for teachers and students.

This program is intended to facilitate the delivery of lessons as it also helps in tracking down a student where he or she sits without approaching him/her.

In Rwanda, the ProFuturo project is being implemented by Salesians Don Bosco, World Vision and Groupe Scolaire de la Sale of Byumba.

On the part of the Salesians of Don Bosco, they started implementing the project in 2019 with 10 schools in Rwanda and 11 in Uganda.

Forty more schools are expected to be added to the ProFuturo program in Rwanda, with 50 in total not on the side of the Salesians.

It is reported that the program will be available in more than 170 primary schools across Rwanda in the next school year, in addition to those that will be monitored by World Vision and the Groupe Scolaire de la Salle / Byumba

Depending on the nature of the project, each student will have his or her tablet containing all the lessons and the teacher will also have his / her laptop which will also include all the lessons but he / she will be the one to choose the subjects that should be followed in the Student Tablets.

Frere Hubert Twagirayezu, Director of the Don Bosco Planning and Development department in the Great Lakes Region (Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda), says ProFuturo is a good project because it helps children learn on time and easily for both the teacher and the student.

“We worked on this project and approached the donors to explain why it would benefit our students here in our area. Sponsors visited us and had a good discussion after we started in 2019 with 10 schools in Rwanda and 11 in Uganda ”.

Twagirayezu added that the project has had a positive impact on education and that donors have agreed to extend it to 40 other Rwandan schools on the side of the Salesians as it has been shown that Rwanda is a country that is very supportive of technology education.

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