December 7, 2021


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Young entrepreneurs urged to work hard as there is no service available for free

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Various agencies have urged young entrepreneurs in agriculture and animal husbandry to improve their performance in order to overcome the obstacles they face in accessing finance instead of always thinking that there is something to be gained for free.

This was echoed in a workshop organized by the Association of Farmers and Livestock Workers of Rwanda “IMBARAGA” aimed at uniting young people with agricultural and livestock projects with financial institutions and other partners, held in Kigali on 21 April 2021.

Young people often show that they face the challenge of lack of capital when they need to be entrepreneurial; Entrepreneurs who took part in the discussion pointed out that among the challenges they faced was the lack of adequate capital because financial institutions did not trust them and the BDF fund was not close to them.

Umukunzi Adeline, who owns a mushroom farming project in Musanze District, said she wants to develop it and reach the processing plant but has limited investment, working land, equipment and more.

A similar problem was raised by Kirabo Phiona who owns a chicken farming project in Nyagatare District and Hagumiragira Emmanuel, a potato grower working in Musanze District.

In particular, Hagumiragira says their performance is hampered by the fact that financial institutions are slow to lend when they are eligible.

Kayilisa Caritas/FAO

But on the other hand, young entrepreneurs are being criticized for weakness in their activities , according to Kayilisa Caritas, project coordinator for the Youth Empowerment Project, which operates the FAO.

“Some of what they do is not done professionally. You can find someone who has a company without accounting books, an unregistered business. At that time it is difficult to get a loan and work with other partners.”

He encouraged the youths to take part in solving this great task.

Gafaranga Joseph, Secretary General of the Rwanda Farmers’ Association, called on them to improve the quality of their work.

“Keep track of how much you’ve invested and how much you’ve earned. If you show that to the Bank or your sponsor it won’t backfire,” he said.

“We have to ask a loan that is equal to our capacity; we want to be rich but we have to go step by step,” he added.

Secretary General of the Rwanda Farmers Association “IMBARAGA”, Gafaranga Joseph
Participants of the workshop

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