December 8, 2021


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The role of REWU in valuing miners and improving their work in order to increase mine production in Rwanda

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The Rwanda Extractive Industry Workers Union (REWU) is continuing its campaign to change the attitudes of miners in order to increase the productivity and welfare of the miners and Career.

Changing the mindset of the professionals is one of the key factors that will help Rwanda to be able to harvest US $ 1.5 billion per year as the target is set to be achieved by 2024.

To achieve this, a variety of strategies, including professional mining, will contribute to increasing production from mining, which usually comes in second place in the country’s high foreign exchange earnings.

In terms of career development, employees in the profession should also be given special attention and follow-up to contribute to increasing productivity in the companies they work for.

Mr. Mutsindashyaka Andre, Secretary General of the REWU, said that since the establishment of the REWU in 2014, the mining industry has undergone various reforms that have had a positive impact on the workers and employers working in the profession.

“Employees need to be honest in their responsibilities, take care of their safety and the health of their workplaces, because when they do well, they increase productivity and make their employers think about the value of their employees and also play a big role in the future,” he said. talks aimed at raising wages ”.

With regard to professional mining, REWU requests that:

1.Employers give their employees a written contract, as it protects employees from constantly changing their workplaces due to lack of employment contracts.

2.Remuneration of workers on a regular basis is not based solely on profits simply because an employee who is hired for mining or quarrying on a daily basis can finish the day without achieving that result yet in reality it does not mean that he has done nothing;

3.Employers must include all employees in retirement and health insurance provided by the Rwanda Social Security Board (RSSB).

4.Employees must be paid through banks or Savings and Credit Cooperatives (SACCOs), as this will play a significant role in the low-cost savings program in mining;

5.Workers should be provided with protective equipment due to the nature of the profession.

“This will increase the number of miners in the mining sector, which will lead to short-term training in the field,” Mutsindashyaka said.

He added that once the professional development program is in place, it will provide more opportunities for those who want to enter the profession and create more jobs, as the infrastructure development sector across the country is increasing, requiring mining. ‘Different types of construction of these infrastructures and the miners will increase as the market expands either internally or externally.

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