December 8, 2021


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Brussels Airlines confirms its position in the market with a new brand identity

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BRUSSELS, Today, Brussels Airlines unveils a new brand identity, reaffirming its position as Belgium’s home carrier and the Lufthansa Group’s Africa expert.The airline’s new chapter is marked by updated colors, a new logo, and new aircraft livery, all of which signal the airline’s readiness for future challenges and reemphasize the value of the Belgian brand. A chapter that places a significant emphasis on customer satisfaction, dependability, and long-term sustainability while maintaining a competitive pricing structure.

Brussels Airlines accelerated and deepened its transformation strategy Reboot Plus in 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 issue, in order to prepare the path for a future-proof corporation that can compete with a sound and healthy cost structure.

Following the restructure, the corporation began the build-up and enhancement phase of its Reboot Plus plan. Brussels Airlines is now focusing on the future by making strategic investments in bettering the customer experience, new technology, digitization, new ways of working, and employee development.

The Belgian firm is developing into a healthy, successful airline that provides opportunities to its customers, partners, and staff; an airline that is committed to environmental protection and reducing its environmental imprint. Brussels Airlines has launched a new service.

“We want to clearly mark the start of the New Brussels Airlines. For our customers, who deserve the best, but also for our employees, who are committed to the transformation that we’re pushing forward and to which they contribute every day. That is why today we present the visual translation of our new start.

 We are ready to show our customers, workers, partners, and other stakeholders that we are turning a page with our new brand identity. We are paving the road for a bright future as one of the four Lufthansa Group network airlines. We regard this new brand identity as a sign of trust in our firm, reinforcing our position as Belgium’s national carrier.” Brussels Airlines’ CEO, Peter Gerber

During the coronavirus outbreak, Brussels Airlines’ African network remained the company’s most important market, with the most stable flight schedule. Brussels Airlines will also continue to act as the Lufthansa Group’s African expertise center and invest in the continent in the future.

The first A330 aircraft to be painted in the new colors is OO-SFH, which will be available in May 2022. It is the aircraft type that Brussels Airlines uses to fly to Africa.

“For Brussels Airlines, this new brand identity is a really logical step. After a year marked by so many changes, it’s critical to clarify and solidify our market position. With new cabin interiors, computerized processes, fleet renewal with A320neos on the way, and much more to come, we’re transforming into a new company. We established a more contemporary branding with Today Agency, one that is suited for our digital age and symbolizes a dependable and modern airline.”

– Michel Moriaux, Head of Marketing at Brussels Airlines

Brussels Airlines’ characteristic red and blue colors have been updated to a deeper red and a darker shade of blue in the new brand identity. The dotted “b” that now adorns the tails of its fleet has been replaced with nine dots of various sizes arranged in a square to represent the diversity of its customers, destinations, and personnel. There isn’t a single dot that is the same. A new, more modern type font is also used in the revised logo.

The brand name’s two components are now stacked, with the word “brussels” acquiring more prominence due to its larger size, emphasizing the airline’s Belgian origin. The new aircraft livery features a zoomed-in version of the dotted emblem on the tails, a clean white body, and a continuous pattern of dots in various shades of blue and grey.

The new brand design includes a new tagline as well as a new visual identity: “You’re in good company.”

“We’ve chosen a tagline that highlights our most precious asset: our excellent staff’s hospitality to our passengers.” Our passengers are in good hands thanks to their on-the-ground and behind-the-scenes efforts.

We want to provide our customers what actually matters to them by committing to transparency, investing in a greener and more comfortable fleet, being available 24/7, and ensuring that our passengers sit together without charge. There’s no fine print, just common sense.”

– Michel Moriaux, Head of Marketing at Brussels Airlines

“I’d like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all Brussels Airlines colleagues who have helped us reach this significant milestone in our history in any manner.” While pursuing a New Brussels Airlines, we will continue to place a premium on cost and sustainability. Our new brand identity will be implemented in stages to reduce waste and high production costs.

Our planes, for example, will not be repainted before their painting deadline in order to save money, resources, and paint. As a result, the fleet’s repainting will take several years. As a result, you may still see our “old” branding, as we commit to utilising resources until they are depleted or have reached their expiration date.”

– Wencke Lemmes, Head of Customer Experience, Product and Marketing at Brussels Airlines

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