January 21, 2022


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Countries where you can find opportunities to study for free

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Here is a list of European countries where you can study for free.


On Bachelor and Master degrees, tuition prices for EU citizens, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Kosovo are waived. Other nations are obligated to pay the tuition fees imposed by the applicable university. Monthly living costs are estimated to be around $450. Some colleges offer English-language bachelor’s and master’s degrees.


Only international students who are EU/EEA/Swiss nationals are eligible for free undergraduate and graduate programs in Sweden. Doctoral programs, on the other hand, are fully supported and offer the possibility of stipends for international students of any country. Monthly living costs are estimated to be around $1000. For most courses, the annual university tuition rate ranges from $8200 to $14,870.


This country is a solid pillar of the European economy and ranks fourth in terms of foreign student attractiveness. Tuition costs for students of any nationality have been eliminated at German universities. Berlin, Erlangen, and Munich are three of Germany’s most popular international student destinations.

Students’ monthly living costs are expected to be roughly $960, which covers rent, transportation, food, and entertainment. Despite the fact that the institutions have eliminated the tuition cost, students must pay semester fees ($55 – $280) to fund the student union and its activities.


International students, regardless of country, can study in France for free. The bulk of free programs, on the other hand, are taught in the native tongue. At the undergraduate level, students from the EU/EEA or Switzerland must pay US$190 per year in university tuition. The cost of living in France is relatively low, with an estimated monthly cost of $885.


Many colleges, such as the University of Oslo, the University of Stavanger, and the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, provide free education, but students must pay a nominal semester fee of $74. However, because of the high cost of living, a student may require roughly $1700 per month to pay his or her living expenditures. International students must also show confirmation of Norwegian fluency, as the majority of undergraduate programs are taught entirely in Norwegian.


In Iceland, all public colleges are free for overseas students. The bulk of courses are taught in Icelandic, although the University of Iceland offers a few postgraduate degrees in English. International students can expect to spend roughly $980 per month on living expenses. Despite the fact that the tuition charge is removed, students must pay a $600 annual registration fee.

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