January 21, 2022


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Health Insurance in Poland

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International students must have proper health insurance coverage for the duration of their stay before beginning their studies abroad. You don’t want to be caught off guard if anything unforeseen happens and you become sick or hurt while traveling. If you require medical treatment while in Poland, you will be treated in the same manner as a Poland citizen.

However, keep in mind that each country’s health-care system is unique, and you may not receive all of the treatment you expect from the NHS for free. You may be forced to contribute to the cost of your care as a patient. As a result, comprehensive health insurance for the duration of your stay in Poland is recommended. Foreigners’ health insurance in Poland is mostly determined by their country of origin.

Poland’s health-care system is built on a universal health-insurance system. Residents of Poland who are insured by general health insurance receive subsidized health services. This can be done in either a mandatory or voluntary manner. Poland has a high grade of public health care, with highly qualified medical personnel. The Ministry of Health is in charge of general policy, while the National Health Fund (NHF) operates the health-care insurance plan with the help of its regional units.

If you are a European Union citizen in Poland and have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or an E-111 form, you are eligible for free public health care. Primary care, specialist out-patient care, hospital treatment, dental treatment, and ambulance transportation are all included.

In most cases, emergency treatment and treatment for unexpected illnesses are provided free of charge. You may be asked to pay in advance in some circumstances, but attempt to avoid doing so. If you do have to pay, make sure you have a thorough receipt that includes a list of all treatments.

British nationals may receive free national health service treatment in Poland as a result of a bilateral agreement between Poland and the United Kingdom. However, because this agreement does not cover all services, you may consider purchasing supplementary health insurance before leaving on your vacation. Students from a few other countries, such as Sweden and Slovakia, can also access Polish health care for free, while Czech students can utilize it in an emergency or if they get sick unexpectedly.

If you are an international student from a country that is not part of the European Union, you should acquire health insurance before traveling to Poland. When applying for a student visa, international students must show proof of acceptable health insurance coverage.

Many people in Poland, both citizens and international visitors, use a combination of public and private health care. This is owing to the public health-care system’s perceived deficiencies. Public health care has extensive wait times, and the facilities may not be up to international students’ standards.

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