January 21, 2022


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The best way to earn a Law degree in Finland

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In Finland, obtaining a law degree is possible. Anyone can practice law in Finland, but only those who have been licensed by the Finnish Bar Association are allowed to use the term “asianajaja” (literally meaning “lawyer”, “advocate” or “attorney”).

“Asiannajaja” lawyers have finished a three-year Bachelor of Laws (“oikeusnotaari”) and a two-year Master of Laws degree (“oikeustieteen maisteri”). Lawyers must also complete a four-year internship with a legal firm or a private attorney and pass the bar test.

In Finland, the highest law degree available is the “Oikeustieteen tohtori,” or Doctor of Laws. Students must obtain 60 credits and complete a PhD dissertation known as a “monograph,” which is typically 250 pages long. In addition, this monograph must be vocally defended in front of a panel of law professors.

Only three universities provide law degrees: the University of Lapland, the University of Turku, and the University of Helsinki. Finnish lawyers can work alone, in limited liability firms, or in partnerships.

In addition, practicing lawyers must complete at least 18 hours of continuing education each year to keep their licenses current. Living Expenses and Tuition Students interested in studying law in Finland will be relieved to learn that education is free and that the majority of living expenses are covered by government-sponsored student benefits administered by the Ministry of Education.

Because of its emphasis on research, science, and practical course degrees, the World Economic Forum has recognized Finland’s higher education system as the finest in the world. In Finland, monthly living expenses (which include food, lodging, and travel) are around 750 Euros ($1000 USD).

Students who require medical insurance should join a student union and receive a student card, which frequently includes savings on school-related expenses.

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